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Biology Honors


Resources/Animations/Answer Keys
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Animations/Flashcards for all subjects
KEY - Ch 1 Study Questions
Chemistry Review Handout- KEY
Ch 4 Study Questions- KEY
KEY-Ch 5 part 1 KEY
KEY-Ch5 Proteins
KEY- Organic Compound Grid
KEY-Chapter 5 Concept Map
Animation- Protein Folding
Feedback Inhibition Animation
Enzyme Animation
KEY-Cell Study Chart
KEY-Cells in their Environment
KEY- Diffusion/Osmosis Challenge
Microscope Diagram
Cell Membrane Bellwork Question
Lysosome Animation
Life of a Cell Animation
Vesicle Budding & Fusing Animation
Ch 7 Animations (diffusion, facilitated diffusion, osmosis, Na+/K+ pump)
Movement Across a Cell Membrane- Four Animations
Mitosis Animation
Mitosis Animation
Henrietta Lacks (HeLa Cells) Video (cool)
HeLa Cells dividing in 27hr period
Article: Henrietta Lacks (John Hopkins)
Ch 8 Study Questions- KEY
Glycolysis Animation - simple
Glycolysis Animation
Kreb's Animation
Kreb Cycle Rap Song (NPR)
KEY- Ch 9 Study Questions part 1
KEY- Ch 9 Study Questions part 2
KEY- Ch 9 Study Questions part 3 (front only)
KEY- Summary Chart (except for Fermentation)
KEY- Ch 9 Study Questions part 4
KEY- Ch 9 Summary Chart (complete)
Case Study: Mystery of the Seven Deaths
ETC Animation
Electron Transport Animation
Electron Transport Animation #2
Cool Mitochondria Video Clip
Photosynthesis Rap #1
Photosynthesis Rap #2
Light Independent Reactions (aka Calvin Cycle)
Light Harvesting Animation
Light Dependent Reactions- short animation
Light Dependent Reactions- longer/more detailed animation
Virtual Cell Animations (Golgi, Photosynthesis, Protein Modification) 
Mighty Electron Man
Diagrams (C4, CAM, Photorespiration)
Chloroplast Coloring Questions
KEY- Ch 10 part 1 study questions
KEY- Ch 10 part 2 study questions
KEY- Ch 10 part 3 study questions (FRONT)
KEY- Ch 10 part 4 study questions
DNA Replication Animation from class
DNA Replication- Animation
DNA Replication Animation
DNA Replication with 5'/ 3' Animation
Protein Synthesis Animation- simple version
IB Bio- Transcription & Translation Animation
Spliceosome Processing & Translation Animation
Translation Animation
Polyribosome Animation
DNA Replication- uTube
Transcription (simple)- uTube
Translation- uTube
Polyribosome (uTube)
KEY- Replication WS
KEY- Chap 16 Study Qs
KEY- Chapter 17 Study Questions
KEY- Mutation Handout
KEY- Unit 4 Review Guide
Meiosis Animation
Meiosis Animation
Meiosis vs Mitosis Animation
Meiosis Square Dance
Independent Assortment Animation
KEY- Mitosis Vs Meiosis Chart
KEY: Meiosis Review
KEY- Case Study: Jefferson Vs Hemings
KEY-Case Study: Cross Dressing or Crossing-over?
KEY- Chap 13 Study Qs
KEY- Genetics Problem Set #1 (chickens on front)
KEY- CoDominance Fun
KEY- Genetics Book Problems #1
KEY- Genetics Problem Set #2
KEY- Book Problem Set #2
KEY- Case of the Suspected Father
KEY- Ch 14 Study Questions
KEY- Ch 13-14 Study Guide
Ch 20
KEY- Handout for Microvolumetrics
PCR Animation
PCR Animation #2
PCR Animation #3
Video: Micropipetting
Gel Electrophoresis Animation (inlcudes making a gel)
Gel Electrophoresis
Microarray Animation
Microarray Animation #2
CASE STUDY- "The Sad But True Case of Earl Washington"
CASE STUDY- "Druid Dracula"
KEY- Chap 20 Study Qs
KEY- Chap 20 Clicker Review
KEY- Intro to Micropipetting Article
KEY- Intro to ABE Questions
KEY- ABE Lab 1
KEY- ABE Lab 2a
KEY- ABE Lab 4a
KEY- ABE Lab 5a
KEY- ABE Lab 5a Transformation Efficiency Math Calculations WS
KEY- ABE Lab 6
KEY- Amgen Lab Study Questions (Labs 1-6)
Amgen Biotech Lab Student Guide
Amgen Biotech Lab 2a-4a Powerpoint
Amgen Biotech Lab 5 Procedure/Analysis Powerpoint
Amgen Lab Handout- PreLab 1a & 2a
Amgen Lab Handout- PreLab 4a & 5
Ch 15
KEY- Genetics Problem Set #3
KEY- Genetics BOOK Problem Set #3
KEY- Ch 15 Study Questions
STAR info
KEY- Ch 22 Study Questions
KEY- Ch 26 study questions
KEY- Hardy-Weinberg
Hardy-Weinberg Animation (explanation)
Extra Hardy-Weinberg Problems
KEY- Extra Hardy-Weinberg Problems
KEY- Ch 25 Study Questions
KEY- Ch 24 Study Questions
KEY- Ch 34 study questions
Clarification on Monogenesis vs. Multiregional Models
KEY-Unit 7 Review Guide #1-12 (first half)
"Before Humans" Animation