Newbury Park High School
Anatomy and Physiology


Medical Animation Library
UNIT 1- Introduction
Body Regions Quiz- Interactive
Body Regions Matching
Homeostasis Animation
Homeostasis Animation 2
Homeostasis Animation 3
Homeostasis Animation 4
Anatomy Twister - good review of dierctional terms
UNIT 2- Integumentaty System
Overview of Skin Function
Epidermis Quiz (7 Questions)
UNIT 3- Skeletal System
Overview of Skeletal System
Bone Labeling Quiz (Can you idenitify the bones? Remember you only need what is on your bone list.)
Bone Labeling Quiz #2
Bone Labeling Quiz #3
Whack-A-Bone (you "build" a skeleton game)
Amgen Bone Videos
UNIT 4- Muscular System
Muscles of the Face: interactive with information on function
Muscles of the Leg: interactive with information on function
Muscle Fiber (cell) Anatomy Animation
Sliding Filament Theory Animation
Troponin/Tropomyosin Animation
Myosin Head Cycle Animation
Sarcomere Contraction
Add and Remove Calcium + Actin Sliding back out after Calcium removed
Neuromuscular Junction Animation
Action Potential down T-tubule
Neuromuscular Junction Animation #2
Muscle Structure mini lecture (if absent)
Nueuromusclular Junction Mini Lecture (if absent)
Isotonic vs Isometric contraction
twitch vs tetanus
Fast twitch fibers vs. slow twitch fibers
Muscle Movements- use if you need help visualizing muscle movements
UNIT 5- Nervous System
Resting Membrane Potential
Action Potential Animation #1
Action Potential Animation #2
Action Potentail Propogation Down an Unmyleninated Neuron
Saltatory vs Nonsaltory conduction
Synapse Animation
Synapse Animation #2
Afterimage: red
Afterimages: all colors
UNIT 6- Circulatory System
Virtual Open Heart Surgery
Cardiac Cycle Animation
Blood Flow Through the Heart
Diagram of Heart Interior
Systemic and Pulmonary Circulation
Cardiac Impulse Conduction Animation
Fetal Blood Flow
Needle Movement on BP gauge
UNIT 7- Respiratory System
Gas Exchange
Alveolar Pressure Changes During Breathing
UNIT 8- Digestive System
UNIT 9- Excretory System
Kidney Animation
Detailed Nephron Animation
Nephron Function Animation
Simple Nephron Function Animation (don't need to know cell types; use our diagram for what and where things reabsorb or secrete)
UNIT 10- Lymphatic and Immune System
Lymphatic Animation
T Cell Animation
Cellular Immune Response
B Cell Animation
Humoral Immune Response
UNIT 11- Reproductive System
Ovarian and Uterine Cycles Animation